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Pokemon Tower Defense 2 Hacked

Pokemon Tower Defense 2 Hacked

Date added: 2015-11-04
plays 1.910
80 8.0 / 10 80
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Click to place your pokemon in the battlefield and choose his attack moves, he will fight automatically.
Hack information:
More experience and money from kills, one hit to capture the enemy.


Are you a huge fan of Pokemon? Visit Total Jerkface Hacked.com and start your adventure in Pokemon Tower Defense 2 Hacked with many pokemons that you and other fans have been loving all the time! In story mode, you will train your pokemon and catch more of them to add to your collection. Besides, you have to prevent the defeat the evil shadow pokemon all along the game. Battles take place in various zones and you can choose the specific move which you want your pokemon to use.

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