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Pokemon Tower Defense Hacked

Pokemon Tower Defense Hacked

Date added: 2015-11-04
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90 9.0 / 10 90
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Use mouse to put your pokemon to his position and let him fight against the enemies.
Hack information:
Capture pokemon after 1 hit, all purchases add money, fast level up. All stones cost 10000. Mystery code after completing challenge mode is 5231 and 673034 for Jiggly. Trading feature.


Take part in the interesting pokemon story in Pokemon Tower Defense Hacked now at Total Jerkface Hacked.com! The plot begins with you were going to work with Professor Samuel Oak and have a pokemon for your own then some bad people try to attack the lab as they want to steal the rare candies from the Professor. You and his disciple Gary have to go on the way to defeat them and their pokemons. Some hacked tricks are in this version, try it now in such an enjoyable game story!

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