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Swords And Sandals 2 Hacked

Swords And Sandals 2 Hacked

Date added: 2015-11-04
plays 2.292
80 8.0 / 10 80
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Click to choose the action you want the character to do.
Hack information:
Press 1 for unlimited stamina and health, press 2 to add money, press 3 to add 10 skill points to your current ones, press 4 to add a level.


Create your gladiator and battle your way to fame and fortune in Swords and Sandals 2 Hacked now at Total Jerkface Hacked.com! Build up your character first then buy some weapons, armor, spells and potions to help you defeat other gladiators, you will become more powerful in higher levels. Your mission is to defeat all the arena champions and reign as champion yourself. New features are also added to this second chapter, and key hacks for better experience! Good luck!

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