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Awesome Seaquest

Awesome Seaquest

Date added: 2017-03-20
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Press 1 to toggle unit life, 2 for specials, 3 for money, 4 for Mana, 5 for mines, 6 to unlock all, 7 to win, 8 to skip the upgrade screen.


The evil red army overruns in the Awesome Seaquest hacked unblocked game. They also stole the propeller of an ark. To destroy these baddies, you need to use the map to target resources and select the battle wisely. If you are able to win the challenge in the Awesome Seaquest Strategy, you will obtain lots of bonus cash and earn a high rank. Let's begin to explore your mission by choosing the normal level! Try to complete and unlock the remaining difficulty in the short time!

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