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Achilles Hacked

Achilles Hacked

Date added: 2015-11-04
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80 8.0 / 10 80
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Use A,W,S,D keys to control the character, press T and Y to swipe and kick.
Hacked information:
Your character will have unlimited lives.


You are a brave hero in the medieval age on his way to protect his land. You mission in Achilles Hacked is to pass 15 stages with your shield and spear or sword. Each level has 3 stages and 1 boss in the last stage, some tips for more effective are also shared in the game instructions. You will have unlimited lives in this hacked version, no more worry about your knight could be dead. Play Achilles Hacked and more hacked games unblocked at Total Jerkface Hacked.com now!

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