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The Last Stand Union City Hacked

The Last Stand Union City Hacked

Date added: 2015-11-21
plays 1.245
100 10.0 / 10 100
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Use A and D keys to move
Hack Information
Press 3 to add 100 cash, press 4 for Unlimited Health, press 5 to add 100 exp, press 6 for Unlimited ammo, press 7 to add 1 Attribute point, press 8 to add 1 Skill point, press 9 to unlock all guns, and unlimited stamina.


The zombie apocalypse has conquered your Union City and now you have to battle your way through it. The Last Stand Union City Hacked has two exciting game modes in which you will fight against an endless wave of zombies or find a way to escape from Union City before it’s too late. The surrounding is dark and you have no idea when and where those creepy undeads will come and eat you! Key hacks and unlimited stamina are available in this hacked version, go to Total Jerkface Hacked.com and fight for your life!

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